Neon Flashlight App Reviews

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Worked better and brighter than other lighting applications Ive used,but the caution is weird cuz I wanted something to smash but with slight movement it just kind of dies its dumb, but definatly really bright.

A good light, clever idea

This is a really good flashlight, but ebb better is its quite fun, it amuses me, and the shaking to kill it it cool. Best of all though us the on off switch, I think that is a really neat and well done feature.


Best and most entertaining flashlight app out there.


Better than the normal flashlights

Good but needs work

Well it is a great lighting app but with the latest update it is unstable as it is somewhat unresponsive in accelerometer on mode so I still find that useless and on top of that the "i" button is very non responsive and needs more sensitivity...

Pretty Cool

This app really does help you find your keys in the dark!!!

Bright but not worth it

Its bright but its just a waste of space!!!

No good

My cell phone is brighter !


Tight...betta than the flashlight app.

Not bad

Its not bad but its more of a "play" type thing rather than a "work" thing.

Nice app

This a cool application just to play around with, and help find things in the dark. Why do you think its a waste of space? Its only a few hundred kilobytes on your iPhone/iPod Touch out of 8, 16, or 32 gigabytes that you have!


When I attempt to use the light, and turn the phone horizontally, the light "shorts out" where is the option to turn off this hilarious feature?

Great idea!

This app is clever, and it gets the job done -- with a bit of tongue-in-cheek! I realize its free, but if the developers so inclined, I have a couple of suggestions: • Flipping the "on" switch is cute -- but only the first time. After that, its just an unnecessary step. Please give us the option to have the flashlight come on *automatically*, as soon as the apps launched. • Please let us swipe to choose other colors. Sometimes whites too bright for the situation. It would be nice to have beige, red, green, blue, and black. (Maybe blacks really purple, like the old "black lights.") • Shaking the phone to "short out" the lights a cute touch. But shaking it again doesnt seem to turn the light back on. I had to quit the app and relaunch it (then flip the on switch) to get the light back on. Sure -- in the real world, shaking the lights again wouldnt turn them back on; but we understand that. Please let us shake again to turn the lights back on. Great job!

Dont not waste the space

This app is stupid waste of my time the flashlight app is brighter

This app was so bad

The flashlight app is better and this app is not very bright


Had some problems with the "gag" and it froze my phone. Hopefully it was a one time thing. Vary cute though.

Seriously LAME

The shake thing makes it crash sometimes. And this app is lame.



Worst app

Worst app I have ever downloaded. So damn useless. Stupid.

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